Monday, January 24, 2011

Before and After: Magnolia Print Frame

This was given to me...FREE!! My family is really good to call me before they throw something out or sell it. I've had no idea what to do on our mantel since we moved in, IN NOVEMBER! It has been a blank canvas SCREAMING for help. The frame seemed the perfect size, just needed a makeover.

My MIL had gifted me a box of old fabrics that were her mother's! I found a nice neutral colored fabric (don't know the name of it, sorry) and buried covered the magnolias. Here's a view of the back...

This is the first time I've made the little rolled fabric flowers. I Hot glues three to the bottom corner and thought I was done. HA! I asked The Hubs what he thought. Okay, so there was the first mistake! He said it looked like an empty frame. So what? Well, it DOES kinda look like an empty frame until you get close. :(

So I went digging around the house to see what I could hang over the top of it. I don't have any wreathes (yet!) but I found our loot from last years beach vacay!

So whatdya think? Wish you could see the fabric a little better. I wish I knew the NAME of said fabric so you could at least imagine how it looked in better light, and taken with a better camera. (Hint, hint if you are reading dear sweet hubby...)

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  1. Now you have a comment for this one…I love the frame! I also wanted to tell you that I went to my first Thirty-one meeting, tonight & it was great! Those of us that registered for the meeting all got a free mini retro bag, which was a nice surprise, especially since I'm having my first show next weekend & only have the starter kit! My most favorite part of the whole evening, though, was watching approx. 30 women bow their heads & pray before the meeting began and attribute their success to God! I hope your initial Thirty-one experience is as wonderful as mine was!


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