Monday, February 7, 2011

Some useful tips from other bloggers!

You may have noticed I went AWOL for a little bit. There's a reason for that. I've mentioned before that we just moved into our first home in November last year. My family is throwing me a housewarming next weekend so I've been frantically trying to get some more unpacking done, put out a few Valentine's decorations so it doesn't seem too bare in here and been cleaning like a mad woman!

Now for some tips and hints... I found so many tips for everything from laundry to restless leg syndrome!

Laundry Secret from Coming Home
Follow this link to see how automatic dishwashing detergent can clear up stains from sweat, baby drool and more!

Help with puppy accidents with tips from
Click here to see how vinagar can neutralize odors and why you shouldn't use ammonia-based cleaners. shows you how to use what you have around the house for natural remedies
Salt for athelete's foot? Tonic water for restless legs? Just follow this link.

Got a really good tip you'd like to share? Leave it in the comments below!I'll be back with a few more tips tomorrow! Now I have got to find some storage ideas for all this STUFF! :)

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