Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's for Him

What do you have planned for your sweetheart for V-day? Do you go with the traditional romantic celebration or the newly popular unromantic route? I haven't decided yet but the deadline is creeping up on me. I'd like to do something sporty, outdoors and manly this year but it has been SO COLD!! Since I have nothing for now I thought I'd show you what I did last year.

A bouquet with a few of his favs. LaffyTaffy ropes, Slim Jims and some Jack Links. He is usually so difficult to shop for or at least I find it difficult. He is really good at picking out the neatest, most off-the-wall but perfect gifts. For instance: my birthday- thermal laminator, label maker;
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Christmas he got me- small shop vac, tackle box, NetiPot (which I couldn't live without now!!)... seriously, I could go on and on but he always picks THE perfect gift for me. (I know these gifts may sound crazy to some females out there but surely some of you crafties can relate, right?)
{Image Source} :my living room

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And here I am, DAYS before Valentine's Day without a clue what to do for him this year... :(

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