Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Shower Punch

That's what I have it saved under in my recipe book but I've used this punch at housewarming parties, wedding showers and birthday parties... You can make it different colors depending on what your theme/party colors are. I got this from a friend I used to work with. I think she got it from someone at her church.

Basic Recipe:
2 liters of clear lemon-lime soda, I use Sprite or 7-up
Lg Can pineapple juice
1 jar of cherries
1 quart sherbert, slightly thawed

For pink punch: use rasberry sherbert
For green punch: use lime sherbert
Basically, the color of your sherbert determines the color of the punch.

Mix the 4 ingredients together in a large punch bowl. If you are using a small serving bowl, you can mix everything but the sherbert in a pitcher first, then serve half of the sherbert with half of the mixture in your pitcher.

Note: Make sure when adding your cherries you pour the juice in the punch also. The cherries will sink to the bottom so go low with your laddle when serving, that way you get a few in the punch cups. YOU CAN MAKE THIS RECIPE WITHOUT THE CHERRIES. It doesn't add much by way of flavor, it only provides a little snack in your cup when all your punch is gone. ;)


  1. Lol, I'm wondering is you friends friend mormon because this is a total staple at mormon gatherings! :) Thanks for being my follower @ Crafts by Holly

  2. Lol @Holly! No, I think they were southern baptists?? Maybe? But if mormons use it to, you KNOW its gotta be good! ;) Thanks for visiting I Burned the Brownies!


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