Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you really have to ask??

I love them. I crave them constantly. They can be plain, turtle, infused with cream cheese, surrounding an oreo or chocolate chip cookie. There is just something magical about brownies. Magic, because I cannot bake them. Seriously! My husband will be the first to tell on me, that when they come out of the over they are either burnt all the way through or (my most common disfunction) burnt around the sides and raw in the middle. Not sure how I accomplish this task so often, but alas, I do. I still eat them, btw. Oh! I left that off my list didn't I? Plain, turtle, infused......OR BURNT! OR RAW! I still love them. Just as I love my children no matter what mess they get into, I love my brownies no. matter. what.

So there ya have it. That's the story of my blog title, in case you had any doubts. ;)

Anyone else suffer from this mysterious condition??


  1. Hi Becky! Thanks for stoppoing by my blog. OK brownies - go back and check out my HEALTHY brownies. Good for all those new year resolutions! I will be your 2nd follower! come follow me too. :-)

  2. If they are still rawish in the middle put the whole pan in the freezer. Once frozen you should be able to cut them. I Always tupetware my brownies and eat them straight out of the freezer. Sooo chewy. =). Yum


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