Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl's Pink and Green Baby Shower

I recently hosted a baby shower for my sister. This was her first baby, a little girl. I'll go over a quick run of all the pink and green snacks we had. And then you can look over the pix.
Pink sugar wafer
Strawberry marshmellows
Srawberry milkshake Whoppers
Srawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing (colored in pink and green, of course)
Pink and green cotton candy (bucket said holiday cotton candy, we found it at WalMart)
Green punch (lime sherbert punch from a friend's recipe)
For party favors, I gathered empty baby food jars, filled them with homemade vanilla brown sugar body scrub, printed some labels onto pink paper using Excel and tied some pretty tulle around the mouth of the jars. Everyone loved using the scrub when they got home!
Now, enjoy some pix...

Figured I'd show you the homemade goodies I made her too. I tried to enlarge this photo a little so you could make everything out. There is a coral colored hooded towel, diapees and wipees, 3 stretchy headbands in pink, black and white and a pink gerber daisy hair clip to attach to them. In the back you can see the jars of body scrub again.

I'll be playing baby shower hostess again next month. My brother and his wife are expecting their first also! :) But this time it's a boy. I'm gathering ideas for homemade baby boy gifts...any ideas?
Are you planning a baby shower in the near future??


  1. What a beautiful shower! Love the colors and the table looks great.

  2. My first comment on my blog!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Doesn't everybody love to know someone is reading? :)


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